Human Tendonocytes, Cryopreserved
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Human Patellar Tendonocytes, Cryopreserved, Healthy Donor


Tissue Procurement: Human patellar tendon is collected from cadaveric donors with no history of joint disease or arthritis within 48 hours of death. Proper consent and serological information is obtained on all specimens.


Cryopreservation: Patellar tendon is digested with an enzymatic treatment. The isolated cells are seeded onto a flask and cultured to remove non-adherent cells. Tendonocytes are processed for cryopreservation and combined with FBS containing 10% DMSO. Cryopreserved cells are shipped with dry ice for overnight delivery. Expect recovery ~1.0E06 cells, with a guaranteed minimum recovery of 0.5E6 cells after 1 week in culture.


Quality Control: Tested negative for fungal and bacterial contamination.


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Human Tendonocytes, Cryopreserved

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