Human Patellar Tendon Explant Culture

Human Patellar Tendon Explant Culture


Tissue Procurement: Human patellar tendon is collected from cadaveric donors with no history of joint disease or arthritis within 48 hours of death. Proper consent and serological information is obtained on all specimens.


Explant Processing: The tendon is aseptically dissected from surrounding tissues of the knee joint. Tendon tissue is cut into explants approximately 3mm in size. The sizes are estimated and it is recommended that wet weights be determined for normalization purposes. Explants are distributed into multi-well plates or in bulk format in media supplemented with 10% FBS. The cultures are shipped overnight with cold packs.


Wet Weight Determination: Each explant is blotted and weighed using an analytical balance. Wet weights are reported in milligrams in an Excel spreadsheet. Wet weights can be used to normalize data during culture analysis.


Histology Service: A tendon explant will be formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded and sectioned into slices 5 microns thick. Two unstained slides and one stained with H&E will be provided.  Additional shipping required.

Quality Control: Tested negative for fungal and bacterial contamination.


***This item requires fresh tissue. The order will be filled as soon as the appropriate donor tissue is available. Please inquire at 847.498.9634 to request an estimated wait time. 


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Human Patellar Tendon Explant Culture

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