Histology Specimens
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Histology Specimens: Healthy Donor, Osteoarthritis (OA+) or Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA+)


Product includes 1 H&E stained slide, 2 unstained slides


Tissue Procurement: Human tissue is collected from cadaveric donors within 48 hours of death or as surgical specimens from a relevant procedure. The tissue is harvested from the knee joint from both clinically “healthy, normal” donors and from those diagnosed with rheumatoid  and osteoarthritis. Proper consent and serological information is obtained on all specimens.


Processing: Tissue specimens are formalin-fixed, paraffin embedded, sectioned into slices 5 microns thick and stained with H&E or left unstained. Choose from normal, healthy donors or donors with a clinical diagnosis of osteoarthritis or rhuematoid arthritis. 


  • Cartilage
  • Synovial tissue
  • Infrapatellar fat pad (also known as Hoffa's fat pad)
  • Patellar tendon
  • Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)



  • Item #: CDD-H-3000

Histology Specimens

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