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Partnering with Articular Engineering 


From cartilage and synovium to ligament and tendon, Articular Engineering specializes in the culture and analysis of orthopaedic tissues. Our experts can help design an experiment from start to finish and execute the protocol according to your specifications. Any portion can be outsourced to Articular Engineering.


IN VITRO SERVICES: Our core strength is our knowledge of orthopaedic tissue and cell culture. We can suggest the best platform for different experiments and carry out most protocols. We offer numerous options for contract research including:

  • Explant culture systems, primary or expanded monolayer cultures, alginate bead cultures
  • Normal, healthy donors or donors with a clinical diagnosis of osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis
  • Use of specialized media, growth factors and specified additives
  • 6-, 8-, and 10-point dose response studies
  • Production of conditioned media


ANALYSIS TOOLS: Many cell based assays can be outsourced to Articular Engineering. For example, we routinely perform assays for the analysis of collagen and proteoglycan content. Assays and analysis techniques include:

  • Cytokines, enzymes
  • Cell proliferation, phenotype
  • Proteoglycan, collagen and matrix protein
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Cell-based assays


DATA ANALYSIS:  Data reports are designed to be simple to transfer into other formats such as spreadsheets, Power Point presentations or other documents. All numerical data is presented in excel files. Reported data includes:

  • Experiment outline
  • Method description
  • Raw data: relevant dates and observations, data
  • Data analysis: for example, GAG content normalized to DNA content, wet weight or dry weight
  • Statistical analysis: standard deviation, %CV


Please contact us to discuss your project or for an estimate.

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