Chondrocyte Growth Medium, Ready-to-Use, 500 ml
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Chondrocyte Growth Medium, Ready-to-Use


Chondrocyte Growth Medium is a sterile medium designed to optimize the growth and promotion of in vitro chondrocyte or cartilage tissue cultures. The basal medium is a complex formulation that contains essential and non-essential amino acids, vitamins, organic and inorganic compounds, hormones, growth factors and trace minerals. A supplement containing additional factors and bovine calf serum needs to be combined with the basal medium before use. All bovine serum lots have been tested for the ability to promote growth, adherence rate and the promotion of cell morphology. Medium can be purchased with normal bovine serum levels (10% total volume) or low serum (2%) and with or without phenol red.


Product contains:

  • Basal medium, 500ml
  • Supplement: Normal serum, 10% FCS or Low serum, 2% FCS + purified factors


Please contact us if you would like to replace bovine calf serum with human serum.


Product ships on ice packs. 


Product can be stored for up to 6 months with basal medium at 4oC and supplement frozen at -20oC. Once supplement is added to medium product is stable for 1 month at 4oC in the dark.


Tested contaminant-free.


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Chondrocyte Growth Medium, Ready-to-Use, 500 ml

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